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Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

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December 2006 - Vol 12, Issue 01

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Open from 6:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The admission is $1.00 per individual for everyone over 12 years of age. It's advertised as being Hawaii's largest Swap Meet. It's located in the parking area of Aloha Stadium off H-1 at Exit 13. Hundreds of vendors gather every week selling everything from handbags to T-shirts, to electronics, to jewelry, souvenirs and trinkets at bargain- basement prices that you'll enjoy taking back home on your visit to Oahu.

The Swap Meet would be an excellent stop after completing the
Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial and Might MO Tours.

You'll need to plan on spending several hours at the swap meet itself - a hefty walk around the Aloha Stadium that will take approximately 2 hours at a rather fast pace stopping only minimally.

On the down side from my perspective it seems as though there are again reiteration in vendor merchandise. Very little shade in the hot Hawaiian sun, as well as limited latrine and rest facilities while enduring the heat. There are however food vendors on hand if you're willing to pay the price and stand while you satisfy your thirst or hunger.

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Island Words & Phrases

This weeks Hawaiian Islands words and phrases:

  • aloha translated means "hello", "good-bye", "love"
  • malihini translated means "newcomer"
  • popo (Chinese) translated means "grandmother"
Things To Remember
Vowel Pronunciation

  • a = ah (as in papa) Practice Kakaako
  • e = eh (as in elephant) Practice Kekela
  • i = ee (as in fleet) Practice Likelike
  • o = oh (as in oral) Practice Holo-holo
  • u = oo (as in who) Practice Puuhale


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